Table Turnover Calculator

You can run a simulation here and calculate your table turnover here and compare Menumiz effect on your business against your current setup. Please note that this is a very general simulation and may not exactly mimic your restaurant or café situation.

Table Turnover Calculator

The Restaurant Table Turnover Simulator-Calculator has been developed by Menumiz to help F&B outlets calculate table turnover of their premises by an acceptable estimate.  The calculator takes into account a variety of factors that influence the turnover of a table per hour, i.e. number of guests, food prep time, number of waitstaff, price of the food etc.  This is a free calculator and demonstrates the comparison of table turnover if the Menumiz System is in place versus a traditional POS system (table-side order). Traditional methods of calculating table turnover do not consider a variety of factors and only allow restaurants to work on past data.  With Menumiz Table Turnover Calculator, you can simulate a variety of scenarios in order to determine strategies for improving the turnover rate of your restaurant and optimize it by fine tuning hidden factors.


This module uses a complex algorithm developed by the Menumiz team to estimate the table turnover in a traditional restaurant setup ( table side order by waitstaff ) for a restaurant based on available data.

 The algorithm takes into account many factors impacting the table turnover rather than just the number of guests and the number of tables only. In fact, table turnover per hour is a complex result of number of the tables, number of the guests, the table setup, table to waitstaff ratio, price, restaurant setup and design and as well as management.

In some instances, you may have higher table-turnover simply by changing the average price of meals! Use this calculator to simulate your restaurant and optimize the table turnover by changing the values and identify ways to improve the turnover rate..

Please be reminded that the report here is an average estimate of the real situation. We can safely say it is up to 90% accurate for most of the cases, however, please consider this result as a guidance and estimate only and never refer to it as a solid proof of table turnover as in  a real scenario.

Average Dining Time

This is the average time which the guest(s) at the particular table most likely spend for dining ( excluding the attendance delay, ordering or billing delay). It will increase when more people are at the table as most likely they spend considerable of time speaking with each other while eating.

Preparation And Serving Time

This is the average time elapsed after getting the order for the kitchen to process the order and also the order to be served by the waitstaff. You may shorten this time by improving the kitchen flow and management. We assume that your kitchen management is as good as your table-side ordering, billing or serving management.

Total Time At The Table

This is the average total time your guest(s) will spend at the restaurant actually which is the dining time plus all other delays, preparation and idle times. As you see, this time prolongs when the comfort level increases meaning that people will not come a luxury restaurant just to eat quickly and leave.

Related Table Turnover

The table turnover here is calculated as a real time turnover per hour for the table setup ( e.g. 2 guests at the table ) at the moment your restaurant has the given data on previous page. To calculate table turnover per day , you need to get average of different turnovers during different times of the business hours having different capacity. ( e.g. Peak Hours, non-peak hours ).

number of the guests being served

Assuming that there are customers available as per the capacity is given, this will be the rate of a possible number of customers to be served and then leave the restaurant in one hour based on the given table setup. This figure does not present the sales or visits to your restaurant and only shows the capacity per hour in real time.

Overall Table Turnover

This figure will represent the turnover per hour for all the tables taken at the moment of the given situation, based on the table setup you have chosen,  in real time.


Tables served by one waiter


% of the seats are taken




Comfort Factor

This is a factor of how comfortable is your restaurant / bar / café and how likely the customers would prefer to stay longer at the table. To give this value, beside the cuisine you serve , you must consider your place renovation and general atmosphere , furniture, quality of service you provide and the facilities such as free Wi-Fi, parking, entertainment,… which all may impact the time people spend at the table.

Table/waiter Ratio

The number of tables allocated to  each waiter ( e.g.: 5 means for every 5 tables, there is one waiter ).

Occupied Capacity

This is the percentage of the seats taken at the time which you wish to estimate the table-turnover. (remember this is NOT  percentage of tables taken). By increasing this number, you actually simulate the peak hours.

Highest Price For A Meal

One of the factors effecting the table turnover is the price of the food. The cheaper, the faster people leave as a rule of thumb. To calculate the table turnover, Menumiz algorithm needs to have the average of prices for a single meal including tax and service charge.

However, this should be a real average normally ordered by your customers and hence, highest and lowest price must refer to the prices of dishes most popular at your restaurant. ( not the prices available on the menu which may never be ordered ).

Number Of Persons At A Table

This refers to the common table setup at your place whether most of the tables are 2 seated, 4 seated or 8 seated. However, please note that the “related table turnover” refers to the setup you chose here and if you need the result for different tables, you have to redo the calculation.

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Menumiz is a fully integrated platform owned by Universal Apps Pty Ltd, an Australian start up company and was launched in Jan 2019.

The system is using advanced technology and includes different modules to handle all services needed to run a restaurant or bar such as digital menu, order management, floor management, kitchen management, customer service, inventory management and payment management all on cloud.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for their customers available in iOS and Android.

The user interface consists of a desktop web-based application for restaurants and mobile apps for the restaurants and their customers available in iOS and Android.

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Universal Apps is an expert web based platform and app developer. We have been working on exciting projects which will change the game.

Universal Apps actually builds self-customizing applications for businesses and the most recent product is Menumiz. Menumiz is an application for restaurants to have their own digital menu and manage their kitchen , tables, orders and paymanets in an integrated platform on cloud.

Other application being under early stage of development is EmployKey which is a job seeking application.

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